We, at NGO ‘We Listen’ (registration process underway), envision a safe space for adolescents and young people, where they are listened to and are addressed about their feelings. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where mental health is not considered a taboo and therapy procedures are easily accessible to all.

Activities at a glance

Current Campaigns


A series of online creatives posted on all our social media platforms creating awareness on mental health, the myths associated with them, the issues & problems, their types, causes, and the grounding techniques.


A series of weekly online posts in which motivational & inspirational quotes written either by famous personalities or contributed to us by our audience, revolving around mental health, are restated by us.

May Mental Health Month

We organized events spanning the entire month with the goal to educate people, fight the stigma and provide support related to mental health and the mental health issues.

Professional Forum

A forum connecting the audience to specialists to address their queries, myths, or doubts regarding mental health and the problems through anonymous posts.


We collaborated with established Mental Health Experts, and conducted informative sessions on topics including, Positives And Prohibitions of Lockdown, Empowering Strategies to Fight Cravings, The Role of Nutrition on Mental Health, Suicide Awareness & Prevention and Impact of Pets on Mental Health

CBT Series

This series consisted of 3 module-based sessions to be headed by the Mental Health & Wellness Coach - Sarah Baxter. These sessions were designed for anyone and everyone who had an interest in understanding themselves better.


We collaborated with Wysa, an AI chat that makes you feel heard and supports you in difficult times. Wysa has helped over a million people last year and we too hope to help numerous people through the collaboration.


We released an online creative by Richa Vashista (she/her), a queer affirmative mental health professional, who shares how we can help the LGBTQIA+ community, to create a better and supportive environment for them.

Upcoming Events

Research Project Series

A platform for enthusiastic people to be a part of freelance projects related to social causes by contributing through various articles, PPTs, research-related work, etc thereby building a strong network with the contributors.

TALE: Tell A Life Experience

We are trying to capture the journey of people who've fought bravely with mental health issues & spread their word through videos to encourage people to give and seek help and break the stigma.

COVID-19 Campaign

We will release a number of online creatives, organize activities and webinars revolving around different aspects of the CoVID-19 and lockdown situation with respect to mental health and well being.

Student Mentorship Program

We will be coming up with a student mentorship program in which the seniors from schools & colleges will mentor their fellow juniors regarding various aspects related to career, stream, and subject selections, considering the impact of the pandemic.

Discord Initiative

The Discord Forum is intended to create a safe space and a sense of community, encouraging discussions on various sensitive issues and give a sense of support to the community.

Medicines & Academics

The team is documenting the different categories of medicines used in mental health treatments. It will also contain a module on mental health counseling programs running in various schools, suggesting various reforms, improvements, and scope for the future.


The team is working on developing surveys for parents of pre-teens (9-12 years old) and interviewing the parents & children to get a fair idea about the issue of high suicide rate in India due to rough family relationships.

Our Collaborators


Konsciously provides its users with a series of interactive and transformational journeys that contain concepts derived from the fields of cognitive psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. They are designed to help users facing emotional distress to achieve holistic well-being.

Through this collaboration, We Listen and Konsciously would be working towards achieving the shared aims of helping individuals attain psychological resilience and emotional well being.